Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Adventure!

This "blogspot" thing should be an interesting adventure. It reminds me of the days before Facebook existed; before Myspace was big and booming. This reminds me of Xanga. I used to be a proud Xanga user and would update my blog almost daily, without fail. However, recently I have had the desire to have another blog that isn't associated with Facebook, Myspace or Xanga.
Occasionally, I will get an intense desire to write. What do I have to write about? Sometimes it is my thoughts, or events that have happened in my day. Other times I just feel the need to ramble. Whatever the topic, I have found that I process my thoughts better through writing. (I get this trait from my mother, who has often said she would love to write a book someday.)

Quick! Before the clock strikes midnight, let this day, August 2nd, 2009, mark the birth of a new blog: publishing post now.